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We are TheBossMonk. A no-nonsense news media platform for today’s aware millennials who demand thought-provoking content, in simple language, on topics that really matter.

We focus our research and daily news updates towards providing in-depth knowledge about the topics in sometimes interesting, sometimes witty, but Always in a real manner! 

We are a news portal for 21st century’s badass millennials. 

At TheBossMonk, we are: 

For the millennials – By the millennials – Of the millennials

Why are we so focused on millennials?

They are the present and the future.

With over 60% of Indian population comprising youths, millennials are shaping the nation. 

TheBossMonk aims to keep the ever lively, inspired, and visionary millennials aware of the latest and trending events happening around the globe.

With the mission to provide the authentic story behind every news in business, technology, entertainment, health, fashion, world, and other general news, we strive to be the top no-nonsense news portal of India, by shaping the future, step-by-step, daily.

No matter how hard it gets, TheBossMonk’s spirit is unshakable. Our team of equally badass and go-getter researchers, writers, editors, journalists, thinkers, planners work tirelessly to provide fresh, engaging, factual news that the world needs.

We are building Content Entrepreneurs! 

This is the reason we enthusiastically promote content entrepreneurs as well.

We are also focused on empowering freelance writers to earn royalty each month. 

TheBossMonk is a platform where writers can write their heart out. 

As long as you write with honesty and grit, you’ll earn a portion of our revenue as a royalty. 

Yes, we pay our writers who are unafraid to voice an unpopular but truthful opinion. 

Think of TheBossMonk as Youtube for writers! 

Except that we intend to be the loudest voice this internet-generation wants to hear!